Timme Gunderlock - Timme G Design - Photo by John Kanuit Photography

Timme Gunderlock received her BA in Art History & Interior Design from Cal State Long Beach. She later earned a Masters from UCLA in Space Planning & Interior Design.

She established Timme G. Designs in 1978 to meet the design needs of the growing construction industry, specifically in the South Bay area. Affiliated with Gunderlock Construction under the name of ADS (Associated Design Services), Timme G. Designs has grown, flourished and has been established as one of the leading Interior Design firms in the South Bay.

Timme G Designs’ business continues to grow by focusing on stand-out projects – large and small, residential and commercial. Clients appreciate her exceptional communication and her ability to translate their desires into beautiful and functional spaces.

Timme G. Designs’ mission is to assist clients in interpreting a design or style without imposing our preferences; but rather leading them to a design concept that reflects their taste.

Over the years, our success as a design firm can be attributed to establishing a long-term relationship with our clients based on a clear understanding of the their lifestyle (or work environment) and budgetary requirements.

Our ability to continuously recognize the intersection between design and technology allows us to turn client requirements into functional plans that are then developed into spaces that are comfortable and functional for today’s lifestyle.

We are thrilled to collaborate with architects, builders, developers, and home owners in the Beach Cities of Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Hawaii.

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